We Rise Together

As a global company with unparalleled scale, a track record of pioneering innovation, and a huge and influential client base, we offer our engineers a chance to drive change, save food from waste, and design new industrial refrigeration solutions and manufacturing methods that provide unmatched quality and reliability.

Your bold ambition is just the beginning. Harness our global scale, our technology, our teams, and our culture to realise your potential. Learn from the best, surround yourself with the curious, ask better questions to seek better answers, and build a better and safer world.

We at Frick India believe that nurturing the future demands the unlocking of potential and opportunity in the refrigeration industry, empowered by a team that is driven, talented, and diligent, who, like us, believe in our legacy.

If you’d like to be a part of our team, please email us at personnel@frickmail.com.

Training and Development

Training and Development of employees is part of our culture at Frick India Limited. Staff members are being put through various in house as well as external training programmes on a regular basis to enable them to take on new positions and responsibilities.

Employees are given structured training to carry out specific standard development activities. The training activities focus on the transfer of knowledge and refinement of skills needed to meet the requirements associated with the development, production, and dissemination of international standards. 

At Frick India Limited, we realise that fostering continuous learning and development is of the utmost importance for ensuring a pool of competent staff. Training programmes have enabled the organisation to have a skilled and effective workforce, which has helped the employees achieve their personal goals along with the organisation’s goals.

Training Schedule

Topics Months
Frick Screw Compressor Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Jan
Frick Reciprocating Compressor Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Feb
Frick Mictrotech March
Precautions Safety to be taken at a Ammonia Plant Jan
Ammonia Pump Maintenance and Trouble Shooting Feb

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We aim to create an environment where everyone feels engaged, respected, and excited about their work. Our training and development department rigorously works on developing the skills of the employees in alignment with the goals and vision of the company. At Frick India, we believe in nurturing our employees and thinking about their growth.

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