Control your refrigeration systems with Frick India Automation

Whether you are retrofitting an existing system or installing a new industrial refrigeration or cold storage facility, we provide you with a customised control system that is flexible and cost-effective. Our highly skilled engineers use the products and technologies best suited for your application and your facility. We have a unique perspective on integrating control systems customised to match your process requirements.

Our SCADA system consists of data access features and processes that can be controlled remotely. Can communicate with any type of protocol available on the market. Earlier in SCADA, we used a mimic panel to control the plant, but there are several features in SCADA that are not in the mimic panel.

Features & benefits

  • Dynamic representation
  • Database connectivity
  • Device connectivity
  • Alarms
  • Trends
  • Reporting

In recent years, PLCs have experienced unprecedented growth as universal elements in industrial automation. It can be effectively used in applications ranging from simple control, like replacing a small number of relays, to complex automation problems. Our skilled PLC programmers have decades of experience in refrigeration system energy management, and we have a long-standing commitment to helping our clients meet their sustainability goals. If you would like to reduce energy consumption and control your refrigeration system with a fingertip, Frick India’s innovative PLCs can help.

Features & benefits

  • Our PLCs contain standard site programming
  • It can be serviced by local personnel
  • Server turned off during service or troubleshooting work
  • Energy saver algorithms on the server cannot be affected by PLC changes
  • Verification is easily done by comparing performance with server ON or off