Stainless Steel Frigid Coil Manufacturing

Frick India Ltd., Now offers "S" Series Frigid Coil having Stainless Steel Tubes & Aluminum Fins manufactured at State-of-the-art new manufacturing facility at Factory. Frick India coils are custom built to handle all type of applications. The company is always upgrading their models to achieve better efficiency and lower costs. We can also offer "S" series stainless steel coils complete with SS casing.


  • Constructed with 7/8 inch seamless SS tubes as per ASTM A213
  • Die-formed, Aluminum plate fins are a continuous design with a clean full collar to optimize performance resistance to airflow and cleanability.
  • Fin pattern is optimized to produce highly energy efficient operation.
  • The 7/8" diameter tubes keep the pressure drops to minimum and eliminate blockages thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the entire system
  • The coil is available with 2 ½ to 6 fins per inch.
  • Coils are tested with 350 psig air pressure.
  • Fully aluminum coils are also available.