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To deliver our promise of customer support, Frick India continued to equip all our local branch offices and after-sales engineers with regular training and tools to provide hassle-free service in the event of any repair or replacement needed.

We understand that this is a business about relationships as well as equipment. We aim for customer satisfaction every time, and we understand that this means supporting the equipment throughout its life.


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“Our strategy is to deliver the best customer support in our industry and to give our customers uninterrupted and efficient operation.”

Preventive Maintenance Tips:

To maintain high productivity and reduce unplanned maintenance downtime, operators need to check equipment performance as per the Daily Equipment Inspection Checklist. In the case of compressor oil pressure, the level should be in the given range. The driving belt should not be too tight or too loose. Observe abnormal sounds or vibrations, and there will be no overheating. Failed inspection increase plant operating cost and reduce equipment life.

To minimise wear and tear, the servicing of equipment should be done as per the schedule recommended in our manual. Oil changes and filter replacements should be done at regular intervals. In routine servicing, we check the condition of the equipment. If there is any undue wear and tear on any part, repair or replace it accordingly. We use all original parts manufactured in our plant. Incase of major problem like plant breakdowns situation is attended by our expert service engineering team virtually or physically without any delay.


The life of the equipment can be increased by evaluating its performance via a COP report. To reduce plant operating costs, regular monitoring is essential. A general check on power consumption will keep plant operation costs low. All equipment must be properly adjusted and set to the required value, as wrong adjustments will either keep higher temperatures than desired in the refrigerated space or lower temperatures, which will tend to keep the equipment operating longer.


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