Refrigerant Pumps

Frick India liquid refrigerant pumps are designed with the atmosphere and operating conditions in mind. These pumps are used for liquid refrigerant re-circulation systems with one or two main accumulators.

Our pumps have earned a worldwide reputation for their safety features, which ensure their security from the leakage of ammonia. Frick India offers refrigerant pumps with the series FHP and FLPA to deliver customer-specific configurations. They stand out due to their efficiency, economy, and reliability.

In Frick India hermetic pumps, the rotating part of the motor is on the same shaft as the pump’s hydraulics. This rotor is completely surrounded by a hermetically sealed can, which separates the rotor space from the stator of the canned motor. Since the motor is an integral part of the pump.


  • The shaft seal-free motor pump handles fluids and fluid gases hermetically, which also preserves the safe, seal-free properties of this pump.
  • The rotor is guided by two hydrodynamic bearings, which are lubricated by the fluid handled and lift the rotor touch-free in operation.
  • The axial forces are neutralised by a thrust balance, so that the entire rotor runs touch-free and thus also wear-free.
  • The service lives for hermetic sealed pumps are high. Life-cycle costs for hermetic sealed pumps are very low.
  • Due to their design, hermetically sealed pumps enable higher flow rates, heads, and pressures as compared to open-type pumps.
  • Their temperature sensitivity is also much greater, which also enables special applications in the high- or low temperature ranges.
  • The viscosity of the fluid handled is comparatively high for open-type pumps.
  • Hermetic sealed liquid ammonia pumps offer great safety in operation.