Liquid Re-circulation pumps

Ammonia pumps are used for liquid refrigerant re-circulation systems with one or two main accumulators. Frick liquid ammonia pumps are developed keeping in view the Indian atmosphere and operating conditions.


Fully compatible graded cast iron body with versatile impeller shaft and a reliable mechanical seal constitute the main parts of this pump. The design is rugged and is conducive to smooth and silent running. Being open type it is easy to operate and maintain and is backed up by our country wide after sales network.


  • Rugged graded close-grained cast iron body for cryogenic applications.
  • Even balanced special design impeller.
  • Open type for easy and low maintenance.
  • Graded steel shaft
  • Twin seal assembly

Liquid Overfeed System

Overfeed systems (re-circulation system) are those in which excess liquid is forced, mechanically or by gas pressure, through organized-flow evaporators, separated from the vapour, and returned to the evaporators. This ensures no oil in the evaporators and no liquid slugs in the compressor leading to high saving in power and maintenance.


  • Even refrigerant distribution
  • Protection of compressors
  • Hot gas defrosting
  • No effects of fluctuating ambient and condensing conditions
  • Zero pressure drops in the evaporators / overfeed lines
  • Ease of operation
  • Low maintenance