Refrigeration System for Vanaspati Cooling

Frick India can provide cooling of the oil in order to convert them in vanaspati. We can provide the cooling system that converts oil from 55 deg C to 17 deg C by means of Fast chilling as well as normal chilling process as per the requirement of the customer.

  • Services Provided by Frick India
  • Votator Cooling System
  • Vanaspati Cold Rooms
  • Water Chilling System
  • Cold Storage

Ice Making & Construction Refrigeration

Frick India can provide you ice making system at your site, which can be used in storage of marine products, continuousconcrete mixing at various constructions and making ice forice skating rinks.

  • Services Provided by Frick India
  • Block Ice Plant
  • Tube Ice Maker
  • Flake Ice Maker
  • Ice Storage Rooms
  • Ice Skating Rinks.