Innovation refrigeration products and solutions

Frick India’s Industrial Refrigeration Solutions specialises in meeting all refrigeration needs. With our 60 years of experience in the cooling industry, we can hire, manufacture, install, service, and maintain any system as per industry requirements.

Low Charge Ammonia System

Frick India's low-charge ammonia refrigeration system works by using traditional industrial ammonia refrigeration technology and further optimising it with low-charge components, such as specifically designed evaporators, controls, heat exchangers, compressors, and condensers. We designed a low-charge optimised system that uses less than 6,053 lbs (2,746 kg) of ammonia and therefore requires fewer vessels, fewer pipes, smaller pipe diameters, and no pumps.

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Air Purger

Frick India's refrigerated purging solution saves energy, time, and money. "Air" in the condenser will raise head pressure, mainly due to its insulating properties. Air molecules in the gas from the compressor will be blown to the quiet end of the condenser. This air accumulates on the heat transfer surfaces. When condenser surfaces are insulated with air, the effective condenser size is reduced. This size reduction is offset by increasing the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant gas.

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Liquid Overfeed System

Our liquid overfeed systems with ammonia refrigerant are normally used for low temperature applications where there are multiple evaporators operating at the same temperature or at different temperatures. The major benefit of liquid recirculation is the improvement of the heat transfer coefficient in the evaporator.

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Frick India is a professional stainless steel Spiral and IQF coil manufacturer widely used for cold storage, freezing, chilling, and food processing industries.

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Frick India manufactures vapour absorption chillers to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy. Vapour absorption chillers are viable alternatives to conventional cooling solutions. Our high COP vapour absorption chillers cater to a wide range of industrial applications, from comfort cooling to process cooling.

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