Innovation Refrigeration Products and Solutions

Frick India’s Industrial Refrigeration Solutions specialises in meeting all refrigeration needs. With our 60 years of experience in the cooling industry, we can hire, manufacture, install, service, and maintain any system as per industry requirements.

Frick India Air Purgering Solution helps in maintaining optimum refrigeration capacity and system efficiency, allowing professionals to achieve maximum system performance. Its design and function have led to savings in energy, time, and money.

Features & benefits

  • Fully automatic gas purger for refrigeration plants.
  • Automatic purger continually function to scavenge and remove air from System.
  • Maintains condensing temperature at nearly optimum operating conditions.
  • Reduces the concentration of non-condensable gases to a negligible Percentage.
  • No need of separate refrigeration system.
  • Eliminates the labour associated with personnel regularly removing air by manual operation.

Our low-charge ammonia refrigeration system works by using traditional industrial ammonia refrigeration technology and further optimising it with low-charge components, such as specifically designed evaporators, controls, heat exchangers, compressors, and condensers.

This system uses less than 6,053 lbs (2,746 kg) of ammonia and therefore requires fewer vessels, fewer pipes, smaller pipe diameters, and no pumps. Nevertheless, it still needs a machine room.

It eliminates huge quantities of ammonia inventory and piping by moving to smaller, self-contained systems that are usually placed on the roof or ground outside, preventing any danger from leaks. These self-contained systems have about 1 lbs/TR ammonia charge and usually combine the compressor, evaporator valve system, and control systems into one easily installed and movable packaged system.

Features & benefits

  • It is environment friendly, having zero GWP and zero ODP.
  • Its excellent thermodynamic properties ensure good energy efficiency and performance, as well as ammonia’s abundance and ease of use at low costs.
  • Ammonia, which has traditionally been considered highly toxic and can pose a risk to human health if released, has become safer with low-charge ammonia systems that reduce its charge.
  • This is a packaged system that can be assembled quickly and fairly inexpensively.

As a leader in the industrial refrigeration sector, Frick India offers seven different models of double-contact horizontal plate freezers. We also provide custom-built aluminium freezing pans for the plate freezers in order to provide uniform freezing of foods. Foods like shrimp, fish, squid, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. can be preserved in our freezing pans for uniform freezing and to extend their shelf life.

Features & benefits

  • Completely stainless steel
  • Compact and versatile
  • Even and faster freezing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lowest Energy Costs
  • Space-saving double door
  • Advanced Hydraulic System
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Uniform freezing of products
  • Shutter type with remote control opening (optional)

Frick ammonia vapour absorption machine can utilise various heat sources like steam, hot water, fuel, and exhaust. These machines are used for serving the negative chilling demand (below 0ºC) and can achieve chilled brine temperatures as low as -55ºC. The capacity of these machines ranges from 50 to 400 TR for standard packaged units and up to 1000 TR for custom-built design units.

The workings of the ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system are based on the simple vapor absorption refrigeration system. In this system, ammonia is used as the refrigerant and water is used as the absorbent.

The ammonia-water absorption system is used in industrial applications where the temperature requirement is below 0ºC for better COP.

The major advantage of the ammonia-water solution is that water has a strong affinity for ammonia, and they are soluble with each other in a wide range of operating conditions that occur in different refrigeration applications.


Features & benefits

  • Waste Heat to Chilled Water
  • Highest possible COP
  • Boiler tubes for generator (Optional SS tubes are also available for all equipment)
  • Advance series flow technology
  • VFD for solution pump will save energy as per load conditions
  • PLC-based control panel with touch screen

Frick India ammonia purifier operates as a self-regulating still to remove water, oil, and other impurities from the ammonia system. Its unique self regulating capability allowed the unit to run indefinitely without draining the accumulated impurities until a time that is convenient for the operator.

Features & benefits

  • Lower Installation Cost
  • Self- Regulating Operations
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy-Neutral Operation