Energy-efficient cooling system

Frick India’s refrigeration and cooling systems are designed to fulfil requirements based on the specific characteristics of each industry. With leading technologies and designs, our refrigeration units are considered the most durable solution for Tube Ice making, Ice Storage Rooms, Brine Chilling, Concrete Cooling, Vanaspati Cooling, Ice Stacking Rinks, Thermal energy systems, Block Ice Plants, Flake Ice Plants, Ice production, and many other industries.

Refrigeration solution for Vanaspati applications

Frick India provides cooling for the oil in order to convert it into vanaspati. We can provide the cooling system that converts oil from 55 °C to 17 °C by means of fast chilling as well as a normal chilling process as per the requirements of the customer.

Refrigeration solutions for Ice-making and Construction applications

Frick India can provide you with an ice-making system at your site that can be used in the storage of marine products, continuous concrete mixing at various construction sites, and making ice for ice skating rinks.

Refrigeration solutions for Air-Conditioning applications

Frick India offers a range of air conditioning solutions for various industrial applications. We designed air conditioning solutions for Industry like Atomic Power Plants, Auditoriums, Thermal Power, Chemical, fertiliser plants, Food Processing Halls, Marine Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and many more.

Some of our prestigiously designed, supplied, and commissioned air-conditioning and ventilation plants for different ships and shipyards are as follows:

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Refrigeration solutions for Logistics and Warehouse Applications

After the global pandemic, demand for cold chain logistics has increased drastically. To comply with high demand, Frick India designs and manufactures refrigeration solutions for cold storage operators to reduce the risk of contamination of perishable goods. Frick India's cold room refrigeration system and warehouse storage have automation systems to ensure that the quality of the goods is not compromised under any circumstances.