About Frick India Limited

60+ Years


50+ Countries​

Global Footprint​​

4,22,514 Sq. Ft.

Manufacturing Unit

11 Branches

In India​​

In industrial excellence, Frick India Limited has emerged as a stalwart, setting unparalleled standards in the manufacturing of industrial refrigeration equipment and as a turnkey solution provider since 1962. Our remarkable journey in the last 60 years has positioned us as a paragon of professionalism and quality in the industrial refrigeration sector.

We strongly believe in manufacturing refrigeration equipment that can use natural refrigerants to protect the ozone layer and prevent global warming. Our wide range of products includes rotary screw compressor packages and blocks, reciprocating compressors, condensers, chillers, refrigerant pumps, ice making equipment, plate freezers, blast freezers, electric control panels, ‘U’ stamp pressure vessels, air cooling units, IQF coils, air conditioning solutions, vapour absorption systems and many more refrigeration solutions.

Quality focus is part of our core values and is synonymous with excellence, value to customers, conformance to specifications and standards, fitness for use, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Six decades ago, we began our journey with the manufacturing of HDI compressors. We solidified our global presence over the last 60 years by delivering high-quality products, innovative designs, and modern manufacturing techniques in the refrigeration industry. The company’s manufacturing prowess is embodied by its state-of-the-art facility located in Delhi, NCR. This facility, coupled with in-house research and development, machining, quality assurance, and automation capabilities, ensures the production of energy-efficient and reliable industrial refrigeration equipment.

We craft solutions for applications in diverse sectors spanning dairy, poultry, seafood, meat, food processing, chemicals, and beverages, both in India and exported across 50 other countries worldwide.

Section Total Area (Sq. Ft.)
Covered Area 2,88,936
Uncovered Area 4,22,514
R&D Department
In house R & D, Engineering Department 14,294
Foundry & Pattern Shop Department
Foundry Department 25,040
Pattern Shop 2970
Machining Department
Machine Shop 24,692
Condensers & Coil Section 32,524
Sheet Metal Fabrication 17,446
New Coil Section 18,400
Assembly Department
Compressor Assembly 29,082
Screw Package Assembly 7,000
Plate Freezer Assembly 6,960
Electrical Control Panel 4,585
Logistics & Supply Chain Department
Administration 23,181
Stores Department 18,400
Shipping Wing 8,880