Cold Room Panels

Frick Make PUF insulated panels will be cladded on both sides with 0.5 mm thick (TCT) pre-coated GI sheet in off-white colour (RAL 9002) having a minimum 240 mpa steel grade confirming IS 12436:1995 and a zinc coating of minimum 120 gsm as per IS 277:1992, 5-7 micron epoxy primer on both sides of the sheet, and polyester top coat 15–18 micron. The external surface of the sheet will be pre-painted with a minimum 25-micron thick regular modified polyester coating. The PPGI sheets have a plastic protective guard film of at least 25 microns to avoid scratches during transportation. These panels will be provided with cam locks and vertically joined together by a tongue-and-groove jointing system for a leak-proof joint. The thermal conductivity of PUF will be (0.023 + 5%) w/m°k. The blowing agent used in the process is R-141b, which is CFC-free. The PU foam will be a self extinguishing fire retardant type with a PUF density of 42 kg/cu.m (+ 2 kg/m3).

Features & benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Relocatable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Rust, fire and rodent proof
  • Design flexibility as per application
  • PUF insulated
  • Modular concept