Compressors for Industrial Refrigeration

Our innovative compressor packages keep food fresh with technology perfected over the past 60 years. We design efficient compressor packages to provide cooling solutions for any sector where refrigerated systems are required. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, we manufacture Screw and Reciprocating Compressors with the ability to work at higher levels in all types of applications. Our rotors are being supplied by M/s Holroyd of the U.K. We prepare screw compressor packages using blocks from MYCOM Japan, too.

Frick India offers highly energy-efficient Twin Screw Compressor Blocks ranging from 414 CMH to 3250 CMH, manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 certified high-precision manufacturing facility in Faridabad. They are designed with a focus on safety and ease of maintenance, and their quality has been verified in a world-class performance testing facility as per ISO 917 standards. Our earliest screw compressor was released in 1989. Since then, our compressors have been lauded throughout the industry.

Assembly of high efficiency Screw blocks and packages have been performed by technical engineers at an advanced and upgraded manufacturing facility at our factory.

  • MBM 255
  • MBM 305
  • MBM 384
  • MBM 517
  • MBM 689
  • MBM 890
  • MBM 1120
  • MBM 1384
  • MBM 1600
  • MBM 2000
Capacity Range

Frick India offers high-efficiency screw compressors with capacities ranging from 414 m3/hr to 3250 m3/hr, manufactured in our ISO certified and high-precision manufacturing facility at Faridabad.

All Frick Screw Packages work under a wide range of operating conditions, with maximum power savings delivered by using Frick Variable Vi Technology, which matches external and internal pressure ratios. As per test records, fully automatic, variable volume-controlled packages are saving 5 to 15% of overall power consumption compared to fixed Vi Screw packages available in the market.

These Compressors are suitable for use with variety of refrigerants, including Ammonia (R-717), Chlorodifluoromethane (R-22), Propane ( R-290), 1,1,1,2 Tetra fluoroethane (R-134a), Hydroflurocarbon Blends (R-404a; R-407c; R-507), Iso-butane (R-600a), Propylene (R-1270), Chloroethene (Vinyl Chloride Monomer)

Assembly of high efficiency Screw blocks and packages have been performed by technical engineers at an advanced and upgraded manufacturing unit. We do performance tests of all Compressors to measure efficiency, noise, and vibration as per ISO 917:1090 (E) and IS 10431 standards.


Frick India designs and manufactures skid mounted screw compressor packages for propane, butane, helium, LPG, ammonia, HFC, and HCFC. We manufacture all our refrigeration products with the aim of providing operating efficiency that meets your energy consumption concerns and will last you for years. Our wide range of reliable and energy-efficient air compressors is suited for vast applications in the chemical manufacturing, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Before finalising your decision, we recommend you speak to a specialist to help you choose the technology best suited for your application.



  • Chlorine Liquefactions (-18 Deg C)
  • Propane Chiller for Natural Gas (-14Deg C)
  • Crystallization (-70 Deg C)
  • Methanol Chilling (-55 Deg C)
  • Acetone Chiller (-30 Deg C)
  • Energy Recovery Steam Cooling (-30 Deg C)
  • Chloro-Methane Extraction (-35 Deg C)
  • Compressed Air Chillers (-5 Deg C)
  • Acid Cooling ( -30 Deg C)
  • Co2 Liquefactions ( -35 Deg C)
  • VCM Compressors
  • API & Non API Compressor Units for Ammonia/Butane/Propane/LPG gases

Frick India Limited began providing packages using Mayekawa screw blocks after signing an MOU with Mayekawa, Japan, in 2000. Frick India Rotary Twin Screw Compressor Package with Horizontal Oil Separator using SCV Series Screw Mayekawa Blocks. Under the MYCOM brand name, Mayekawa’s compressors are in use in industrial refrigeration around the world. MYCOM compressors boast proof of trust, having been used by customers around the globe for more than 70 years.



A high performance, long selling series suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Available in 13 models, the SCV series covers a wide displacement range from 415 to 4740m³/h*1 (244 to 2790CFM*2)*1 At 2950rpm, *2 At 3550rpm
  • Variable vi mechanism (from 2.63 to 5.80range) to efficiently cover wide temperature range
  • Operates over a wide range of temperature and serves in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.
  • Compatible with natural (ammonia, propane) and fluorocarbon refrigerants.
  • Proven 4:6 rotor configuration.
Capacity Range